'Disco Pigeon'

A determined and successful entrepreneur, the disco pigeon owns a chain of nightclubs.  He also owns the dance floor and he knows it.

Animal Stories

My animals have stories to tell. Have a look at what they have to say.


Charming and stylish, with a naughty sense of humour, the goat has a flair for seduction, and a track record of outrageous flirting.


Fresh from a telling off, the little badger only wants to be liked, but he knows that he has behaved in an unsatisfactory fashion.  He has learnt his lesson.


Slightly sad, and slightly disinterested, the bear feels as though life has passed him by.  He reminisces about his lost youth, while sitting in an armchair gazing into the middle distance. 


Ever proud, safe in the knowledge that he has won the best eagle competition, the eagle stands tall at all times. 


Superior to all obther creatures, and inanimate objects, the seagull rules over the land and sea with an unnerving self-assurance and an appreciation of bacon rolls.   


Trying to look stern, and achieving a pensive stare, the lion is mildly angry, but only because he has been asked to pose in that way for the picture.